Dangers of Surfing

Surfing WaveWhen you look at the calm blue waters, nothing occurs to you that something bad could happen while surfing. Well, don’t underestimate the ocean’s force, because dangers exist even when the obvious signs are missing. You have to be aware of what could go wrong when you head out for a surfing session, because these dangers can affect both experienced and beginner surfers. By being aware of them, you will know when you can venture out on the sea and when to stay back, also learning what to do if you get in danger as well.

SharkThe waters may be calm, but there are many creatures living in the sea that can be a potential threat. Sharks are probably the most notorious aquatic animals that are known for attacking surfers. Not even the fact that you are up on the board can save you, because if a shark is set to attack, it can easily bite your board. So, be aware of the areas known for shark populations. Also, if you see a fin coming out from the water, get out of there. Stingrays, jellyfishes, seals, even snakes, can all be a danger to surfers. Believe it or not, the sun can be dangerous as well, especially when the breeze is present and you have water splashing all over. You can easily get sunburn while surfing, because wet skin will attract the sun’s waves faster and the skin will get damaged, even if you do not feel hot. Thus, make sure to wear sunscreen, especially if it is a bright sunny day.  A thin wetsuit is a great way to protect yourself for the harsh sun.

CurrentOcean currents and rip tides are also extremely dangerous, because they are very powerful silent forces. If you don’t know how to read the signs of a rip tide and get caught by one, you risk drowning, even if you are an exceptional swimmer. The rip tides will drag you towards the sea, not allowing you to swim towards the shore, as it has an incredible power. There are some signs when a rip tide is in the area, but if you don’t notice it and get caught, it is best to swim along the shore than rather getting exhausted while trying to reach the shore. Also, be careful about the waves as well, because the wipeout waves are one of the major causes of injuries among surfers. The big waves have the power to even break your bones, if they get the chance to crash on you with full strength.

RocksAnother potential danger is the bottom of the sea. It may contain rocks that are very dangerous, but even if it has sand that won’t save you, turning to concrete if the large wave pushes you down with strength. Also, the coral reef is a real danger as well, because it has pointy sharp edges that can cause serious injuries. Besides piercing your skin and leaving deep cuts, the coral reef will leave tiny bits under your skin as well, which will get infected if the wound is not treated properly. So do your best not to fall off your board and be careful about waves that can knock you down.

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